#Thankyou to the #Authors who joined me on my #Blog in #2021

A huge thank you to the following Authors who very kindly joined me on my Blog in 2021, and answered my questions. I am extremely grateful for your support and loved reading your books!

Danny Marshall @DLMWrites Author of the blindingly brilliant John Tyler Series – Anthrax island & Black Run

Alex Chaudri @AAChaudhuri Author of the unputdownable She’s Mine

Nadine Matheson @nadinematheson Author of the Brilliant The Jigsaw Man, (An Inspector Henley Thriller) is one of the only books to make me physically gag! I cannot wait for Book 2!

Harry Fisher @HFwritesCrime Author of the great Be Sure Your Sins & Way Beyond A Lie (DS Mel Cooper Series)

Pam Lecky @pamlecky Author of Her Secret War, a great read.

#StuartMacBride legendary multi award winning Author of The Coffin Makers Garden and my first guest, I am forever grateful to you!

Awais Khan @AwaisKhanAuthor Author of 2021’s book of the decade No Honour, and someone who I now consider my friend.

I never thought when I started blogging what the future held, but I am enjoying it and the books have been excellent ( keep them coming!)

There will lot’s of authors coming in 2022…look out for the first in the next few days!