My #BookReview of #NoSweetSorrow by @Lochlomenden published by @PolygonBooks on 1.6.2023 #DCIDaley #11

The blurb……

A potent new drug has hit the streets of Kinloch, and DCI Daley and Scott are struggling to catch the notorious gang behind this evil trade.

After a party of Oxford students arrives in town for a camping trip before a Himalayan expedition, one of the group seeks out an illegal high and is violently assaulted.

However, these students are well connected, and this brings further unexpected problems for Daley.

Ultimately, he and Scott will discover crimes as disturbing in nature as anything they have ever confronted

My review……..

Firstly thank you so much to Polygon and Denzil Meyrick for arranging for me to have an early proof of No Sweet Sorrow, as your biggest fan, I was gobsmacked when it arrived!

And I could not let No Sweet Sorrow sit on my bookshelf for long! So I was straight into the Scottish town of Kinloch and DCI Daley’s latest adventure.

I must firstly say, it cannot be an easy task to write a series of books, but keep each one fresh and more exciting than the last. Denzil Meyrick manages to do this with ease, and with each Daley novel I read I amazed at Denzil Meyrick’s talented writing.

So onto the book, No Sweet Sorrow is as always a gripping police procedural, and this time we find a group of Oxford University students arrive in Kinloch hoping to get some camping experience in the Scottish Mountains before they head to the Himalayas. Unfortunately when one of the group is violently assaulted in what appears a drug deal gone wrong, DCI Jim Daley and the magnificent DS Brian Scott are pulled into demanding case.

You know me, I’m not going to give any of the plot away, but I will say this. Denzil Meyrick and Stuart MacBride are the ONLY authors that can write authentic, Scottish crime novels with that twist of dark humour thrown in. The cast of characters is pretty much the same with Jim Daleys wife Liz and young son James, the old fisherman Hamish and more. What I totally love about this series is the relationship between DCI Daley and DS Scott, it’s born of friendship but can sometimes be turbulent, but ultimately they are two coppers coppers of the old days trying to uphold the law and stand up for the victims in todays politically driven policing.

I will never find a better character than DS Brian Scott in a novel, he is such a legend, and reminds me so much of an ex Sargent I used to work with, but above all Denzil Meyrick manages to make him a bumbling buffoon on one level but a bright, intelligent cop on another! No Sweet Sorrow had me laughing hard out load at some of his missmashed sayings, and Brian and boats do NOT go together (you need to read the other books to appreciate this) and this had me in absolute stitches!

I flew through No Sweet Sorrow, it’s such good novel, written in a police procedural style but with humour and emotion thrown into the mix. I’m always left bereft when I’ve finished the latest DCI Daley book, it seems so long to wait for the next!

So my rating, well it has to be a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read, gripping, topical, funny and thrilling. Bravo Mr Meyrick, may you write faster so I can read book number 12 soon!

Denzil Meyrick is one of Scotland’s biggest-selling crime writers. He hails from Campbeltown and life has taken him from studying politics to a varied career including time spent as a police officer, freelance journalist and director of several companies in the leisure, engineering and marketing sectors. His global best-sellers include the D.C.I. Daley thrillers and much-loved stand alone novellas. Denzil lives on Loch Lomondside.

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