My 10 best books of 2021

I have had such a year of differing emotions! For those that don’t know, I started my book review blog in February, after being made redundant. (First time in over 30 years working and I was gutted) I wanted it to be something to keep my mind busy whilst I looked for another job. I am disabled and have chronic illness after contracting Lyme Disease in 2013, but my mind is sharp it’s just my body that feels 100! Anyway I have not been able to find another job (DWP rules state I can only work to certain criteria) BUT my blog has been a source of joy and amazement to me as it’s grown and opportunities have availed themselves to me.

I must thank Fiona Brownlee for inviting me to interview an author for Bloody Scotland 2021, and that author was Stuart MacBride, without these two wonderful people, my blog would not have evolved into what it is today, so thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart!

So in less than a year, I’ve found out that I have a little talent for writing, this is a surprise to me! I’ve always had the gift of the gab, and have a way of communicating verbally that makes people at ease, and usually telling me their deepest secrets! And I have been able to read some superb books which have kindly been gifted by authors and publishers, thank you so much for your kindness I am eternally grateful. And of course the authors themselves that have let me probe them with my questions, and who have taken the time to write their answers, you are ALL the stars not me!

And finally to anyone who has followed my blog, and who reads my blog posts….THANK YOU so much for your support! I am forever grateful!

Now on to my Top 10 books of 2021!

(In no order as ALL are worthy of the Top Ten!)

Red Wolves Adam Hamdy
She’s Mine by AA Chaudri
Falling T.J Newman
The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson
Anthrax Island by D.L Marshall
No Honour by Awais Khan
The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard
Black Reed Bay by Rod Reynolds
The Inheritance by Gabriel Bergmoser

And finally my Book of The Year goes to ………….

The Last Thing To Burn by Will Dean

ALL of these books are absolutely amazing and brilliant in their own right, written by a plethora of Uber talented authors, however I had to choose The Last Thing To Burn by Will Dean because I read it in January of this year and I can still remember the whole storyline and characters after reading another 50+ books!! It is a gripping, page-turning, thriller which made my anxiety go thru the roof! Which is why it’s my book of the year! Thank you Will Dean for your magnificent talent!


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I've been a bookworm since I was able to read my first Janet & John books at 4 years old! I have read so many books, that I wish I had kept a list since I was young. My words are my own, my opinions are my own! I love Thrillers and Crime Fiction and am happy to receive ARC's and will post reviews on The Storygraph, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter Twitter - @judefire33 Instagram - @judefire33 The Storygraph - @judefire33 Goodreads - @judefire33

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