About Me…………….

Yep that adorable baby is me on my first birthday 1961, with my much missed Mum, Barbara.

Hi, I’m Jude, I’m retired thru Ill health after contracting Lyme Disease in 2014 and nearly dying, unfortunately, my health has never been the same since, but I smile in the face of adversity!

I grew up in Farnham, Surrey, Famous for Mike Hawthawn the first British F1 Champion and my Mums Friend! I have had a varied and interesting career doing many jobs amongst them being a Traffic Warden for 6 years and manning Farnham Police Station Front Office for 6 years, my time as a Police Civilian with Surrey Police, starting in 1990, remains my favourite job wise, I chased shoplifters, Helped do the shopping for the elderly when they couldn’t get out in the snow and faced a shotgun whilst being alone in the Front Office on a late night, I made the best of friends, and as a frustrated Police Officer had the best time! I also had a life-sized cardboard cutout of me in the Farnham Museum for 15 years ( now in my home office!) Ive worked for JCB and been to their factory. I worked at TAG Farnborough Airport and met a host of famous people including Buzz Aldrin (Amazing chap!), Sophia Loren, Mick Jagger, Terry Wogan, Chris De Burgh and many others.

Me and Me, Farnham Museum 1992

Now I’m fully retired, I spend my days at home ( I’m not one for going out plus anxiety stops me!) However I love visitors at home and so do my Guinea pigs! I tend house and look after them and my partner. I never thought my life would end up living in rented accommodation and being financially challenged, and if I had not started my Book Blog, I’m not sure how I would cope mentally. The lifeline of receiving physical books and interacting with Authors, Publishers and my BookChums means so much to me!

My favourite genre is Crime Fiction, with a penchant for Historical Crime Fiction and especially World War 2 Crime Fiction, I also have a huge interest in Non -Fiction set during World War 2. I love Nordic Noir, it makes me feel the cold and snow of Norway, Iceland or Sweden, from authors like Jorn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger. I am also a fan of True Crime Fiction, books that let me get inside the head of killers or that highlight the victims are of huge interest to me.

I’m happy to read print proof books for authors, or publishers as long as I like the sound of the book. I will never write a bad review, my time is far too short for that, if I don’t like a book I just move on! I love my BookChums on Book Twitter and am active on Instagram, The StoryGraph, Facebook and Goodreads and Tik Tok.

I have 4 indoor free-range Guinea Pigs, Juno, Barbara, Suzie & Jessie who like to live like Princesses and feature in some of my book photos!